Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wild Thing

Did the figure and tree and finished background. For the most part they complement each other. The foreground in warm browns, flesh tones, oranges and red to advance figure and tree. The background being shades of green making it recede. Adding the detail at the last and over all it keeps me from not looking at the whole picture.

Wild Thing 3

Establish the background. Working from the farthest away like someone is walking toward me. This is how I like to do it from less detail to more focus. Grounding with aureoline yellow. I love this colour it it so sparkly. Blocking in some sap green to have something to work against.

Wild Thing 2

Traced on watercolour paper with payne's grey in fine line brush. I like to see my line clearly while working it helps. I edit as I go along and limit the detail to be added at my discretion later.

Wild Thing 1

This is a small rough sketch I started with. It is enlarge and traced in a painted line. I like doing this because I can lose the line when I paint. I like my small sketches my thumbnails because they have an energy that I can lose if I do my roughs to large.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The In Between

Add the background did the figure and shadows. The finished piece.

The In Between 3

I added the ripple rings here as it seemed to make sense to me. Paint the local colour on the leaf and paint the ripples. I want to have a light touch with the colour it can always be added to. The water background has been done separate to keep it clear and to concentrate on each.

The In Between 2

I place the enlarged copy on a light table and drew in payne's grey fine brush on watercolour page tracing through. The line is cleaned up here. Painted aureoline yellow is blocked out on the leaf. I like to start with this yellow because it gives a warm sunshine feel and it also all but disappearsin finish piece.

The In Between 1

The rough sketch I enlarge and used for an under drawing for the illustration. My thought was to have on water reflecting a beautiful sky. I added the ripple rings to connect the dreamer with the water. It was an after thought. The water I painted separate for more control.